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Sunday morning chapel duties

Volunteering on Sundays
Welcomers – arrive 15 min early, prepare the hymn books, pew sheets (provided), music sheets and order of service. Ensure the sound system is on and working. Greet people with a smile, make them feel welcome and guide people to unoccupied pew spaces when seating is limited. Use the clicker to count the no. of congregants for record after the service. (Tell Will or the Wardens). Tidy away the books at the end of the service and check no belongings have been left in the pews.

Altar Servers – carry the cross and assist the priest at the altar. Training given by the Head server and organised by Will.

Readers – read. An email with the relevant reading will be sent by email during the week.

Intercessions – lead the prayers. This may be a bit daunting, as you’re putting something of yourself out there. In fact we have books of weekly intercessions that you can use if you wish. If you’d like to try writing your own prayers, tips and guidance are available. Just ask Will, Julian or Hugh. 3-5 min max.

Offertory – 2 people take the bread and wine to the altar at the start of the 3rd hymn, also called the Offertory Hymn, then take the collection in the collection bags, and come to the altar again at the end of the hymn to present the offerings. Bread to the Priest and wine to the server. Remain in front of the alter until the end of the offertory prayer.

Chalice – 2 people give out the wine. You must be confirmed and authorised by the Bishop (permission sought by Priest in Charge). Instruction for Chalice bearers will be given to any new volunteers after a service on Sunday. Approach the alter at the start of Agnus Dei.

Refreshments – you all know the drill! Home-made or shop bought, sweet or savoury, whatever you bring will be greatly appreciated. Please also bring 2 cartons of milk for tea & coffee (provided).

Flowers – you’re welcome to order a display from the florist on the roundabout by Stanley Market, and they will deliver it to church on Sunday morning. You’re equally welcome to arrange your own display. No flowers during Lent.

Sunday School and Creche – new volunteers are needed please! You can start by sitting in on someone else’s class and seeing how it goes. Talk to Robin Fine and David Bradley.